FLOTEX is a unique in structure product: it combines the assets of a good quality moquette with the advantages of a vinyl floor. FLOTEX is constructed with the “Flocked” specialized production process. It consists of 70 million polyamide fibres, 6,6 per square meter, grafted with electrostatic spraying on the Infratect® vinyl substrate. This product guarantees soundproof yield. This product is subject to natural and permanent anti-microbial treatment, known as Sanitized® and it is the only one approved by the British Allergy Foundation for use in particularly sensitive spaces. It does not contain harmful substances and 40% of its production raw materials derives from natural sources.

Philippe Starck created a new Flotex collection of 3 systems, named Vortex, Artist and Twilight. Each of them comes in four separate parts that can be freely arranged to create patterns for your project that adapts to your needs and preferences.