Thinking about project

Inmind is a company committed to the evolution and the improvement of the quality of construction and design in the office, hotel, residence as well as the public space.
Our products cover a wide range of applications of an interior space and they have been selected for the unparalleled quality, high aesthetics and differentiated design. We provide specialized solutions for floor coverings, partition systems,  office furniture and acoustic products.
Our mission is the realization and the implementation of your projects offering the consistency of a close partner and the continuous support of a specialized professional. We analyze your needs in a friendly environment, we seek products and systems that will meet your functional demands, we immediately suggest ideas and integrated solutions that will implement your vision as well as we make sure that the application of these solutions is carried out with high professionalism and precision.
We believe in a lasting and long-term relationship with our clients, thereat we are always by your side, during and after the completion of each project, providing excellent service at any need.

In inmind we share a common vision: to contribute to the creation of inspired and functional spaces providing alternative solutions that meet every need. As every bird selects the most suitable branches in order to build its nest, so do we in inmind follow the trends and choose products that will contribute to your productivity and creativity.